If I Agree To Laser Focus On Helping You Grow

You Have To Be Ready For Me...

It's true. In order for this to work, I have a strict set of requirements that need to be met by everyone I agree to work with. No exceptions.  

Sorry, but I have to be selective—I only have so much time and energy to devote to this project. And if you're not totally committed to creating a passive income stream that pours profits into your bank account day after day after day...even when you're snoozing...than this isn't for you.

The prerequisites for getting accepted are as follows...

  1. You must promise not to mortgage the farm or spend every penny you have to get into the program. I strongly believe that working closely with me and my team will make you an unbelievable amount of money over your lifetime. But if you're tapping every resource you have to get in the door, where will you find the funds to implement the strategies we come up with together?
  1. You've got to be able to accept honest; constructive criticism (even if it hurts). I'm not going to beat around the bush with you. I'm a real nice guy—ask anybody who knows me--but when something seriously hinders your chances at making hundreds of thousands of dollars (and helping a lot of people at the same time), I'm going to be tough as nails. If you're extremely soft-hearted, cry easily, or want to argue with me about everything, don't even bother applying.
  1. You must be open-minded. Some people just don't like to hear the truth...because the truth hurts sometimes. So the first thing I'll ask you to do is take your ego and stuff it in a box some place for the next year. Because in order for me to do what's best for you and help you make money fast,  I've got to be honest and direct.
  1. You can't just hand me a check and come in. You must first fill out this detailed application. I'll go over all of them personally and--if you make the first cut—I may schedule a phone interview with you. Why? Because I want to make sure we're right for each other before I accept you into the program. I don't want to spend the next 12 months working side-by-side with someone I can't get along with. And neither do you.

As you can see, I'm narrowing the field by a lot here. But if you're willing to agree to these 4 prerequisites, than I encourage you to apply for my 1-on-1 coaching program now.

I wish you the absolute best of success...

Priority Application Form

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If you have any challenges with your application submission, please feel free to email my assistant at: Emily@MillionaireEntrepreneurTraining.com 

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